Name address and area of operation
Name of the Society – AAIOI
Address of the Society – Airports Authority Of India Officers’ Institute
B-1, Bunglow Old Area, Safdarjung Airport
New Delhi-110003
Area of operation – Distt. – DELHI

To provide:-
Social and Recreational facilities to the members of AAIOI.


The AAIOI is a society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 for
social welfare & gathering of their member & to provide common place for
meeting / gathering of the institute for the purpose of healthy recreation,
discussion, sports, mutual assistance, encouragement of thrift, advancement of
social welfare ideas, exchange of knowledge amongst the family members etc.
It shall function on Non Profit basis.

Institute Property

The ownership of Institute property, both movable and immovable, shall vest in
the Institute. The custody of all properties of the Institute shall rest with the
Managing Committee of the AAIOI.
The members of Managing Committee of the Institute shall hold all the
Institute property in trust for the Institute and shall be responsible for the
insurance, maintenance, repairs and such other care as may be necessary to
preserve the same. They may enter into contracts or agreements and sign such
documents on behalf of the Institute provided that any major alterations to the
building and layout or unbudgeted outlays beyond the financial powers

bestowed on the Managing Committee shall be executed with the approval of
the General Body.
Financial Control

The Institute may derive funds from its members and through
donations/grants/deposits from Airports Authority of India (AAI) or any other
source subject to the approval of the Managing Committee.
The Institute shall be run on such sound lines as to enable it to be self-
sufficient financially.
Administrative Control

The Management of Institute shall be vested in the Managing Committee. The
Institute shall be administered in accordance with the rules approved by the
General Body of the Institute. The internal affairs and conduct of its members
shall be regulated in accordance with the Rules and Bye – Laws laid down or
promulgated from time to time.


The Institute shall consist of the following classes of members.

Honorary Members
Permanent Members
Associate Members


Chairman, AAI shall be patrons of the Institute subject to their acceptance.

Honorary Members

The Managing Committee may from time to time, in very special cases, confer
distinguished individuals Honorary Membership of the Institute for a period of
one year at a time subject to approval of Patron. Honorary Members shall be
entitled to all the privileges of the institute subject to such restrictions and
regulations as may be prescribed in the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Institute .
They shall not have any voting rights.

Permanent Member

The following categories shall be eligible for Permanent Membership:-

All executive Serving/Retired) AAI official are eligible for permanent
membership of AAIOI after paying such fee and other charges as decided by the
management committee time to time.
The present fee is Rs.30000/- and Annual Charges of Rs.1500/- per year.

The spouse and dependent son up to age of 25 years/unmarried daughter of a
member shall have all the privileges normally enjoyed by a member except the
right to vote. On demise of the member, the spouse shall have voting right also,
provided he/she exercise his/her right to become spouse subscriber.
Associate Members

Associate Membership may be offered initially for five years subject to approval
of Patron to the following after paying such fee and other charges as decided by
the management committee time to time.

Associate membership will be offered only for five years. The number of
Associate members shall not exceed 10% of the total Permanent Members
consisting 90% for Govt./PSU/and 10% for Private Members.
Associate members shall not have voting rights.


Temporary Membership

Dependent Children

Dependent children shall be entitled to avail all facilities which the member is
entitled free without any additional charge, however the facilities for which the
member pays additional fee shall be levied for dependent children as well. The
following is denied to the children below 18 years :-
Entry in the Bar.
Playing of cards.
Signing of credit chits.
Inviting/Escorting of guests into the Club.