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1. AAI Officers’ Institute (AAIOI) was inaugurated in August 1999 by Secretary, Civil Aviation, Shri P. V. Jayakrishnan in presence of the Chairman, AAI Shri D. V. Gupta as AAI Officers’ Club.

2.In the year 2005, the AAIOI was renovated and redeveloped which was inaugurated by Chairman, AAI Shri S. K. Narula. After few years, more adjoining area was merged.

3. In the year 2007, the AAIOI was refurnished and modern facilities in the including swimming pool were inaugurated by Chairman, AAI Shri K. Ramalingam.

4. In the year 2009, first floor was built with 9 Guest Rooms and indoor badminton court was developed. The facilities were inaugurated by Secretary, Civil Aviation Shri K. N. Shrivastava.

5. In the year 2019, tennis court and new fitness Centre have been added and inaugurated by Secretary Civil Aviation Shri V. Somsundran.

6. In the above journey, AAIOI has established itself as Centre of socializing, welfare, sports, yoga, cultural programs for Its members.

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